The team at Arus develops and runs different programs focusing on multiple 21st century skills at our headquarter in Penang and also at the Maker Studio in Shah Alam. The content of our programs ranges from design thinking, robotics, programming, data analytics and 3D modeling to encourage a maker mindset in our students. We also run outreach programs where we visit schools and public venues to spread awareness on what we do and the importance of having STEM skills and knowledge. We accept requests for our programs to be run outside of our space.


Arus believes in supporting and empowering teachers for long term sustainability. Selected content from our programs are available on our resource page. We also go into schools and organize training at selected venues for in-service and pre-service teachers on 21st century teaching pedagogies, coding & programming skills, content development, developing engaging lesson plans, integrating 21st century skills into everyday teaching and learning and many more. If you are interested to have us come over to your school or institution, please reach out to us formally by submitting a message through our website or via email.


Arus develops content for external use by working with different education partners to create content for the use of teachers in the public schools as well as after school enrichment programs. We focus on STEM related content where design thinking and project based learning is embedded and integrated, tailored to the needs of the programs.  An example of our work is our own original curriculum called the Arus Maker Academy, that is shared here through our website.


Arus partners up with CSR programs, the ministry, government agencies and private agencies both locally and globally to run programs in and outside of schools. We run both short and long term programs with our partners for both students and teachers. We work a given grant, contract or shared ownerships with our partners. If you are interested to collaborate with us for a project, please reach out to us by submitting a message through our website or via email. You can read up stories about our previous programs through our blog.

A few of the organizations and agencies we’ve partnered up with