Arduino Makerthon (College Prep)

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Open to age 18 and above.

Please bring your own laptop. Lunch will be provided.

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The program is created for SPM leavers & college juniors, for them to practice on their design thinking skills around one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Goal 13 Climate Action.

At the end of the program, participants’ will create a working prototype using Arduino to solve one of the effects of climate change.

What is Arduino?

Arduino boards contain a microcontroller, similar to those chips found inside mobile phones, remote controls, washing machine and many other things.  It is widely adopted at post-secondary education (universities, colleges, research institutes) in the fields of engineering, Internet of Things, robotics, art, and design.

This Arduino Makerthon program aims to teach the very basics of microcontroller programming to participants, at the same time enhancing their design thinking skills to better prepare them for college.

In this 2-days program, the sessions will cover the following topics :

Session 1: Introduction to UN’s SDG & Climate Change

Session 2: Introduction to Arduino & Basic Programming (LED & Buzzer)

Session 3: Basic Circuitry

Session 4: Input & Output (Potentiometer & LDR)

Session 5: Project Design & Making

Session 6: Group Presentation

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