Join us for Saturday Craft workshops
at the Maker Studio 

Spend your Saturday with your family, friends and loved ones by doing something fun!

Suitable for all ages!

Soap Making

RM 80 | 20th October, Saturday | 9AM

We are working together with Kembara Insani to run a workshop on making soaps with toys embedded within – which will be donated to the homeless.

To contribute, you can either join our workshop to make soaps which some of them will be donated or second is to donate little toys to be embedded into the soap!

Batik Colouring

RM 20 | 27th October, Saturday | 10AM

Experience how to fill in color on a fabric with pre-waxed batik pattern.

Batik Che Qi is gonna teach you how to to mix primary colors to become secondary colors in order to produce nice and attractive batik!

Sculpture Painting

RM 65 | 27th October, Saturday | 10AM

Sculpture is a branch of visual arts that operates in three dimensions. Anything 3D that is considered artistic is a sculpture.

Learn how to use palette knives to manipulate deco plasters in creating simple leaves and petals!


Video Editing Workhop

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