Imagine learning math to improve the global hunger index.

Imagine a history lesson to understand climate change.

The Powerful Lesson Initiative is Arus’ effort to create meaningful and relevant lessons in the classroom by using Malaysia’s national syllabus to solve global issues. We believe that lessons in the classroom should be carefully planned and crafted to play a bigger role than just to achieve academic excellence. Lessons in the classroom should be built to help students today find the solutions of current and future problems of tomorrow.

With the imminent global deadline of 2030 for the sustainable goals upon us, there is no time like now to build and deliver lessons powerful enough that could change the way our kids learn, think and act.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

We conduct extensive research and study of the the sustainable development goals & global citizenship objectives, current global issues and conflicts and map it to the content objectives of Malaysia’s national syllabus.

Based on the mapping, we write lesson plans that allow students to use content knowledge to solve global and local sustainability issues without diverging from the national syllabus.

We run training for educators and teachers and provide access to the lesson plans where feedback can be shared to further improve and grow our content.

Join us to make it happen!

Here’s how you can apply to join Arus’ Powerful Lesson Initiative team:

Arus’ central office (Shah Alam) is looking for interns for its latest project called “The Powerful Lesson Initiative”.

We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about bringing global issues into our public schools through building engaging lessons and planning for school projects. Interns will be working closely with the content development team and be able to engage with and manage different stakeholders (Ministry of Education, non government organizations, corporations, schools, teachers & students).

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