Sea Safety System

Students’ details:

  • Subaasini Manirajan
  • Mardiana Mohd Naser
  • Lee Poh Hock

Age: 16

Made in: 2016

Description or (Achievements) and skills involved

For many generations, fishermen had to only rely on their vision and experience to decide if they should go out to certain parts of the sea. This method is unreliable as the weather in the sea, wind speed and wave height can be highly unpredictable and could pose harms to fishermen. This is what we discovered when we conducted a site visit at Pulau Aman in Pulau Pinang. In some countries such as Canada, the department of meteorology would provide an hourly update of the sea condition to the public. However, the Malaysian meteorology department only releases updates of the condition of the sea at a 24 hour resolution which is not helpful for fishermen. We want to solve this problem and we want to create an open ocean data for the fishermen by deploying anchored buoys into the oceans and broadcasting the information to fishermen. The buoys would detect the acceleration of the wave (in which wave height can be inferred), as well as the windspeed of a particular area in the sea, and broadcasting to all nearby fishermen with the corresponding equipment. All fishermen need is to run a simple program on their computer with the receiver module plugged in and they will be able to get live information (at 1 minute interval) from the sea.

Skills: Physics, Math, English, Programming, Design

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