Students’ details:

  • Elleena Amelia Bt Ahman Ridzuan
  • Aufa Irdina Aisya Bt Azlan
  • Aisyah Maisarah Bt Muhd Nazim

Age: 14

Made in: 2017

Description or (Achievements) and skills involved

Submarine within an oil and gas tanker. This is a safety feature in oil and gas tanker to allow the crew to safely escape from a pirate attack with all their oil shipment. When a tanker detects a pirate ship nearby, the captain will sound the alarm to instruct the crew to evacuate to the hidden submarine. The captain will then activate the pump to allow the oil to flow to a reservoir in the submarine. The crew will escape with their cargo before the pirate approaches the tanker.

Skills: Physics, Math, English, Programming, Design

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