Young Engineers for Society

Saturday wraps up a programme we have been doing in SMJK Jit Sin II since the beginning of 2018. It's the Young Engineers for Society programme, modelled from the Arduino component of our Maker Academy programme.

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Maker Uno

Since our Maker Academy's inception, we have been using the microcontroller CT UNO. CT UNO is designed based on the Arduino UNO form factor by Cytron Technologies. There are a few reasons to choosing Arduino, or rather CT UNO as our microcontroller platform. It was one of the easiest beginner microcontroller to learn, and we want to support a home-grown product.

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Arus Maker Education Conference

The Arus Maker Education (ARMED) Conference aims to showcase the potential of having maker education as a norm in our schools, through a variety of activities at our big booth in conjunction with MDEC’s #mydigitalmaker Fair 2017.

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