Automated Agriculture Assistant (AAA)

Students’ details:

  • Ivy Lim
  • Firdaus Rosli
  • Zarifah Zaidi
  • Koh Yuet

Age: 14 – 15

Made in: 2016

Description or (Achievements) and skills involved

Weather plays a huge role in influencing the harvest of a farmer. This is the reason why we created AAA, Automated Agriculture Assistant. We discovered through our interview with a nearby fruit farmer that this is especially true for plants that are sensitive to water levels in the soil. During rainy seasons, the soil may get over soaked and this will affect the yield of the plantation. Rainy seasons also means that the workers are unable to work and this further affects the yield of the plantation. AAA is built into a greenhouse and will provide water to the plants when the soil is dry. It also turns on the light at night for the plants to photosynthesize. Our product will help mitigate the effects of bad weather, and allow farmers to have stable stream of income unaffected by weather conditions.

Skills: Physics, Chemistry, Math, English, Programming, Design.

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