Here are a list of answers to questions that were frequently asked to us ever since the Arus
journey began. If there is any other question that you would like to know about Arus, please
contact us by submitting a message or emailing us directly.

Is Arus a tuition centre?

Arus is not a tuition centre. Arus is a learning centre where students do not learn by subjects but by projects. Students are not taught explicitly on subject matter but topics from various subjects are made relevant in the process of developing their projects. We hope to cultivate the love of learning and drive up their curiousity.

Is Arus a private school?

Arus is not a private school (yet). Our current curriculum for any of our programmes do not comprehensively cover any national or international syllabus.

How does Arus make money?

Arus run external projects for interested parties looking into the education sector. We run workshops, camps, training for students and teachers. We also have experience developing content to be used in schools as well as learning centres. These services are what we offer for a fee.

What subjects do we teach?

We do not explicitly teach any school subject in our programmes. Arus conducts classed using project based learning. The outcomes we strive for are not academic but skill based. We each new skill our students acquire, we believe it will increase their appetite for knowledge.

Is Arus free?

Arus is a social enterprise. This means that we have programmes that are free for our beneficiaries and paid programmes that is meant to offset our cost of running free programmes.

Is Arus only for underprivileged students?

Arus serves all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status. (Refer to FAQ: #5)

Is there a requirement for student selection?

Students applying to our free programmes have to commit their time. Arus programmes run at least twice a week and attendance is strictly adhered to. Shortlisted students would have to indicate their interest in the programmes.

What kind of help does Arus need?

Arus needs help in a variety of ways to keep us eveready to serve our students. Arus is keen to receive volunteers in our programmes to teach or facilitate classes.

How can I volunteer in Arus Programmes?

We are open to people interested in volunteering their time with us. Click on this link to register your interest. Our team will reach out to you.

How can I collaborate with Arus?

We are open to collaboration. Click on this link to register your interest. Our team will reach out to you.

Is Arus a tax exempted company?

Arus is currently not a tax exempted company.

What are the differences between Arus@Alma and Arus@Maker Studio?

Arus is currently in two locations. Our main headquarters is at Alma, Bukit Mertajam in Penang while we are also operating at a makerspace in Selangor Digital Creative Centre with SITEC at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam in Selangor as Maker Studio. The programmes we run are different to suit the surrounding community while utilising the available tools and equipment in each space.

Does Arus go into schools to run programmes?

Yes. Arus works with the State Education Department (JPN) to run programmes in schools. Currently we run STEM-based programmes for students and teachers.

What is the difference between Arus Academy and Arus Education?

Arus Academy is our brand name while Arus Education Sdn Bhd is the operating company behind Arus Academy.