Ever thought of making your own crafts that requires intricate and accurate cutting skills?

Ever wanted to prototype your own invention and prepare a physical model before sending it off for manufacturing?

The Maker Studio is the place for you! Maker Studio is a provided makerspace facility for the co-workers here and also open to the public, with support of the Selangor government. Maker Studio is powered by Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd, now co-managed with Arus Academy and is located at SITEC’s co-working space at Selangor Digital Creative Centre, Shah Alam.

Our operating hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm. So, come and visit us soon.





The laser cutter can cut paper, felt, art card, acrylic sheets and plywood (up to 5mm thick only).

For new users, there will be a technical and safety briefing before using the laser cutter.

RM10 per hour

Additional cost for materials

Additional cost for file correction


The 3D Printer can print in PLA and ABS, depending on file size and design. We have a selection of colours and dual-head print option.

New users are advised to take a lesson with us to learn how to use it safely.

RM2/gram for PLA filament

Additional cost for file correction


We have an electronics shelf with a wide range of components and a few soldering iron stations.

We do not sell components, but you are welcome to test and try with what we have.

Soldering rates apply

Additional cost for extra electronic components and materials


Handy tools for simple indoor works such as jigsaw cutter, small handsaw, portable drill, hammers, metal plier, longnose pliers, metal filers, leveller pipecutter, all kinds of glue, sandpaper, small screwdrivers, spray paint  and goggles too!


Depending on availability of tools

Book your laser cutting session, at least 3 days in advance, here

Materials that can be cut by the laser cutter



Learn with friends in your very own introductory 3D Printing class* where we teach you how to create 3D models on a software and print your creations with a 3D printer.


Learn how to code!* Take a step towards programming your own games and animation. Explore and understand the underlying ideas behind computer programming, using Scratch or Python programming.


Book a few hours of learning with friends and family on the weekend with us at the Maker Studio. It’s also possible to use our many spaces for your own prototyping, experimental upcycling inventions or a crafty DIY projects.


We are especially open for students and teachers during the school holiday with programmes lined up for upskilling, learning through play or even revisiting school subjects in a more fun way, using Rero Robotics or Design Thinking as a new approach.

Introductory lessons would only be available for a class of at least 3 people, with a minimum fee of RM50 per person. Let us know if you are interested.


Since 2017, Arus Academy has partnered with SITEC (Selangor IT and E-Commerce
Council), with the help of Cytron Technologies to help manage the Maker Studio in
SDCC (Selangor Digital Creative Centre). Arus here runs content development projects,
makerspace management trainings, and occasional workshops or programs that are
open to public.