Alina Amir

Business Development

Felicia Yoon

Financial Controller

Alina is one of the four co-founders at Arus. She strategises to ensure the long term sustainability of Arus.


Before Arus, Alina graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and was an analyst at Accenture before teaching History as a Teach For Malaysia fellow for four years in a public school. Alina loves hiking and wishes she has the time for it.

Felicia, a co-founder of Arus, stops us from overspending and ensures that we have sufficient funds to run Arus. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a degree in Actuarial Science.


She was a TFM Fellow in Penang and taught for two years. Felicia was a volunteer during the 2012 Olympics in London. She truly believes that Manchester United rocks.

David Chak

Curriculum Director

Daniel Russel

Academy Director

Daniel co-designs the Arus curriculum and ensures academy classes are run smoothly. He makes sure the space well-equipped for making and learning.


Before co-founding Arus, Daniel studied Mechanical Engineering at Multimedia University and was a Teach For Malaysia fellow who taught for 2 years. Daniel loves History. He sees historical information as little jigsaw pieces that make a big puzzle.

David is responsible for ideating and designing the academy curriculum. He completed his degree in Psychology, minoring in Computer Science from McGill University.


Prior to co-founding Arus, David was a Teach For Malaysia fellow where he initiated Project Afterschool Coding Enterprise (ACE), a precursor to Arus. David loves Sid Meier’s Civilization so much that he vows to visit all the wonders featured in the game within his lifetime.

Deborah Dris

Regional Manager

Selvan Ramsamy

General Manager

Deborah is responsible for managing Arus@Penang. She designs content and teaches classes for Arus Academy.


Before Arus, Deborah studied at the University of Western Australia and was a Teach For Malaysia fellow who taught in a public school for almost 4 years. An avid adventurer, she once rode a motorcycle around the Indian Himalayas for a week.

Selvan ensures  Arus runs smoothly by taking care of all our administrative responsibilities. He also takes care of our website and designs our fliers and posters.


Prior to Arus, Selvan used to run a production company called Annasis Mirror before working in a television production for Netflix and Channel 4 UK. When he is not busy, you’ll find him reading a book or writing one.

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