The Award Winning Maker Academy

A gamified curriculum that introduces students to computational thinking, programming & making with a goal of completing a prototype project.


Design Thinking

Project Management

A method of solving problems by understanding the user before designing a solution.

Collaborate and communicate effectively with teammates through simple project management procedures.

Scratch Programming

Arduino Programming

Ted-Ed Talk

A simple drag and drop software that introduces coding, enabling beginners to create games and animations.

Learn the fundamentals of electronics and program a micro-controllers to build solutions for your project.

Structure ideas by learning the TEDTM talk framework and boost self-confidence to present thoughts and solutions.

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"Before Arus Maker Academy, all I do is sleep. Never did I achieve anything meaningful. Now, I fill all my time with project making and coding."


Chan Chen Meng (15)

Arus Maker Academy (Penang) Graduate

"After learning to code, I'm more careful with my work; One small mistake can cause the entire program to fail. An important principal I learned from Arus Maker Academy, and I'm applying it in my daily life."


Tan Zhi Hang (15)

Arus Maker Academy (Penang) Graduate

"I couldn't believe  my daughter can speak so well. Initially, I wasn't sure what Arus Maker Academy was. Now, I knew it helped built my daughter's confidence. I will make sure her sister enrolls as well."


Mrs Manirajan (Parent)

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