"Arus not only taught me to create new things. It also taught

me that I can be useful"

Chen Meng , 15

Arus is a social enterprise that focuses on providing students a relevant learning experience through maker education. We strive to inspire students to become lifelong learners,  to  explore continuously, to pursue their passion, and to bring innovation in their daily life.

Through the application of interdisciplinary concepts,  students are required to build  physical and digital solutions of their respective chosen industry.


We push our students to think in unconventional ways on how they can mark their footprint to make the world a better place.


Our curriculum is offered through our maker academy program, after school maker clubs, maker weekend workshops and maker holiday camps.


Our Story


Arus was founded by four Teach for Malaysia (TFM) Alumni as part of an effort to create a sustainable education initiative. We discovered, after teaching in low performing schools for 2 years, that educators need to invest extra time and effort in planning and delivering  lessons in classroom, thus changing the way how students learn.


"The goal is to create a long term solution for students' educational success."


We believe by tracking students' progress through time, we will help create a better strategy to steer them towards excellence.


Arus envisions to reshape the education landscape by pacing students towards innovation and creativity. This is done by reducing the emphasis for our students to memorize content, and focus on their abilities to resolve problems and create solutions.


Arus wants to redefine and re-imagine education by giving our students a world view that learning isn't a hurdle, instead a vehicle that propels one to accomplish their dreams.



Our Method

As we are in the frontier of digital economy, we believe future jobs requires one to be an active creative worker, instead of a repetitive menial  labourer. Education is the only way to prepare students to brace the employment renaissance. Part of our preparation process is to move away from the rigidity of written standardized assessments to skill based assessments.


The pedagogy of conventional learning works in a way where different subjects are taught in isolation: such as Math, Science and English. We, however, encourage interdisciplinary learning, acquiring and practicing knowledge of various subjects to create projects: a closer reflection to real world scenario.


Students are urged to connect concepts from science, math, art and language to complete their projects.


"We develop various programs for students to learn through designing & building projects"


Our curriculum also focuses on helping students discover their passion while nurturing on character development to one day be an ingenious citizen.

Arus is working towards creating an equal ground when it comes to access to quality education. Our main beneficiaries are students who come from low income families and from low achieving schools where resources are scarce.


Our aim is to ensure that every student gets the same opportunities in gaining important and valuable skills that will prepare them to fulfill the future workforce requirements.

Maker Education for Low Income Students/High Need Schools


"Our aim is to ensure every student gets the same opportunities to prepare them to fulfill the future workforce requirements"


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