Arus Education works toward offering equal learning opportunities for all. Our goal is to provide a maker approach to learning where our students get to create digital and physical projects, integrating and applying interdisciplinary concepts.


We believe students learn best through making. We hope to inspire our students to fall in love with learning, to encourage them to pursue their creativity and passion.

Arus@Maker Studio, i-City Shah Alam

Arus@Alma, Penang

A collaboration between SITEC (Selangor Information Technology & E-commerce Council) and Cytron Technologies, the studio offers maker membership to students and adults.


Members can access to an array of tools (such as 3D printer, laser cutter, and many more), electronic components, and a space to complete projects on.


Workshops are also held to budding enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills.

Arus@Alma is our first branch that caters to students from the underprivileged and/or high need schools.


Majority of the students who attends the Arus Maker Academy here are either fully sponsored by the public or through subsidy programs and grants.


Our flagship program is the Arus Maker Academy: a 3 day a week programme to learn design thinking, programming skills and public speaking.

Students' Projects

Under Arus Maker Academy, students are expected to research, design and create automated projects as part of their assignment. The solutions they create must address a real life problem and use a combination of both physical and digital approach.

Intelligent Steering Wheel (ISW)

Road accidents are on the rise in Malaysia. A recent study shows that more than 90% of car accidents are caused by human error, particularly drivers' distraction.


Thus we came up with the idea of Intelligent Smart Wheel (ISW). ISW requires the users to place both hands on the steering wheel at all times.


If only a hand is on the steering wheel, the sensor informs the throttle to decelerate while flashing an emergency light to indicate drivers nearby of the deceleration.

Prototyped by:

Badrul Amin (16), Gayatri Gunasekaran (16), Tan Zhi Hang (16)


Skills: Physics, Math, English, Programming, Design

Sea Safety System

We conducted interviews with fishermen in Pulau Aman, and discovered they require a system in forecasting the weather at sea.


As a result, we designed a buoy that detects wind acceleration and tides. Information collected will be broadcast via radio for fishermen to access in real time, through their laptops or smart phones.


Our vision, one day, is to deploy several of this buoys across the  sea, thus creating a band of information for fishermen to make better choices at sea.

Prototyped by:

Subaasini Manirajan (16), Mardiana Mohd Naser (16),

Lee Poh Hock (16)


Skills: Physics, Math, English, Programming, Design

Drain Cleaner v4.0 (DC)

Polluted rivers and oceans are caused by littered drains. The drain cleaner v4.0 (DC) envisions to reverse this.


With its conveyor belt system, the DC is able to clean out trash and dispose of it, autonomously.


Through this invention, we can keep drains clean, and keep the ocean pristine.

Prototyped by:

Chan Chen Meng (15), Tenish Remish (14), Lo Chia Ching (15)


Skills: Physics, Math, English, Programming, Design

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